Thursday, February 4, 2010

OPO Feb 4th - recognizing goodness

Oh! Forgot to mention below... the focusing on good things REALLY helps! O_O In my brain class the other day I was bored out of my skull, tired, stressed, what have you... and I started focusing on the good things, like that class was interesting, I was warm, etc... it was REALLY forced at first, like... really. I was honestly trying to get happy about being WARM. But soon it was easier. I had been afraid to talk to my group member who I accidentally blew off on Saturday... and she had turned out to not be mad at me, so for the rest of the day I kept looking back to that as a point of stress relief. Also, we looked at pictures of horribly deformed children who had problems during the pregnancy where their neural tube didn't close all the way, so their spinal cord was exposed, or their brain consisted entirely of fluid... all really sad, really gross stuff. And then I started focusing instead on sheer gratitude - that I had a brain, and had a fully-formed spinal cord... and during our 15 minute break, I ran all the way down to the first floor, then all the way back to the third, and ran around the empty halls (the class is at night) celebrating the fact that I could walk, jump, run, skip, dance about, and that my body was completely formed without any giant defects. :D So I think I'm definitely going to try and keep this up... it's awesome.

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