Friday, April 16, 2010

Personally Invested

My life is falling apart, details unneeded, because I have stopped doing the things I once loved. Somehow, I think I slowly gave them up to do homework, take tests, go to class and chapel and all the stupid things I'm required to do so I can get a degree and get out of here. But now I'm graduating, and all those things are soon to go away, and I find that I have very little left over. I need to start doing, again, the things that matter to me.

One of those is writing... And since I already have a blog in place, I figured I'd use it to work on my writing... mostly fiction, some in a memoir-ish style, maybe just descriptions of things that happened... I dunno. So, for now, I hold out no promises that there will be any sort of logic or reason to anything going on on this blog. But I want to learn discipline, and dedication, and I want to try and write SOMETHING every day, hopefully posting it to this blog.

My plan for getting my life back together is a 4-part plan. 1) Talk to God lots. 2) Read lots. 3) Write lots. 4) Do small projects and goals that I used to want, but gave up on, on a not-regular basis, just whenever I have time... these will probably come out of my DayZero list. :)

I'm almost kind of excited about this project. :) And I haven't been excited about much in a long time.


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