Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newsletter has Begun! - Looking for content!

I'm trying to start a biweekly email newsletter about spreading happiness, inspiration, joy, awareness, and connection to the world, and I'm looking for content for the first issue so it's not just all me talking. :) I'm looking for:

- Stories of a Random act of Kindness or work with charity either you did or you benefited from (like something kind someone did for you, or that you did for someone else)
- Stories of connecting with another culture - such as a trip you went on, or a bonding experience with a penpal, or something else.
- Ads for newsletters, forums, online communities, etc. that are also in the business of promoting happiness, doing kind things, making connections, learning about world cultures, etc.
- Small articles (very informal, just talk like you're talking to a friend) about your culture, maybe a holiday celebrated there this month, or describe the town you live in, talk about the differences you've seen in your community as opposed to another place you have visited, etc. Make sure to include the name of the country and town you live in so we can know places all over the world! :D
- Book reviews of books that inspire you or which caused you to think deeply about something you hadn't considered before, or of travelogues and books about other cultures. :)
- Funny stories (CLEAN funny stories) that have happened to you personally... not jokes, per say, but stories about things that you or your friends/family have experienced that are hilarious. :D We all have them...
- Blog reviews... I don't read blogs often, but would like to include at least one review of a blog that is writing about the things that the newsletter stands for. Examples are: travel blogs, blogs about art or literature, blogs about culture, blogs about a charity or acts of kindness, blogs that challenge you to think or be a better person, etc. Quirky/fun blogs are welcome, too, since what spreads joy better than smiles? :)
- Anything else that seems to fit along the lines of what the newsletter is about... feel free to submit as much as you want! If I don't use it in the first issue, I might use it later!!

With any submission, please include the name that you want to go by (NO LAST NAMES!) and if you have a website/blog/etc. you want me to link to, and also your email address (I won't post your email, but will allow readers to email me their comments and I will forward them to you, so your privacy is assured!).

By submitting something, you are automatically signed up to receive the newsletter every other week. I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer as compensation, but perhaps being featured in the newsletter is its own reward? :)

The newsletter is called Echo and the first issue should be out January 24th. :D If you don't have anything to submit but would still like to receive it, feel free to contact me as well with your email address!! ^_^

I'm very excited about this!!!



  1. I hereby want a copy of it. You know my e-mail, I believe.

  2. Jesse,
    I think I may want to get involved with this. :)
    I'm not sure where to start though. I've never been out of the country (except Canada/Niagra Falls in fourth grade), and I'm not sure what to write about, or what I have written that you could use. Hmmm. Well, maybe I'll think of something, or you can help me think of ideas.
    You're so clever!

  3. I've been involved with zines before (actually I've been the editor of one for a writer's guild and found it a lot of fun and a little stressful) and so I'd like to put in a few things if it's okay.

    Oh, yeah, add me onto your mailing list too!